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Gamma Program

published on March 28th, 2009

Peak Analytical’s Gamma Program Helps You Control Costs
and Prevent Failures and Downtime

Peak Analytical’s Gamma Program is designed to help you prevent downtime and, in the event of a breakdown, mitigate your downtime losses with Fast Turnaround Analysis at affordable rates.

We encourage pro-active quality control management by generating a database of your specific materials. This establishes a baseline for your products while they are performing as-specified. Then if problems do arise you have a searchable library of reference compounds (suspects). FTIR spectroscopy (bulk phase) is performed on your references for inclusion into your company’s searchable digital library database. This database is generated and administered at Peak Analytical, Inc. but is your property and available on request. Gamma Program members also receive Fast Turnaround Analysis at reduced rates.

The Gamma Program includes:

FTIR Spectroscopy Services of reference standards that your company uses, (bulk phase) for inclusion into your company’s searchable library database, which we build and maintain for you. These compounds will be analyzed at a special Gamma Program rate of $80 per sample (industry rates range up to $320) enabling you to build a low-cost proprietary company library database formerly available to only the largest corporations. These compounds are “knowns” which will be titled, printed and sent to you and stored electronically. No comparisons or reports will be generated for these spectra. They will be utilized later during the analysis of “unknowns”. We will prepare samples using the most practical technique such as microscope, ATR, smears, or pellets.

Fast Turnaround Analysis of less than 48 hours from receipt of sample, for FTIR analysis of unknowns, provided to you four (4) times a year at no extra charge. Note: Maximum number of 5 samples at one time. Program limited to qualitative analysis. (Normal rates of $225/hour apply, Fast Turnaround Analysis rate is normally $350/hour).

We have the largest commercially available database for library searching in the US . Normal turn around time is 5 working days. Reports are compiled in Acrobat format with embedded spectra/references and conclusions. All spectra remain the property of the customer – they are not considered public domain. The Gamma Program is not available to analytical testing laboratories due to their diverse customer base.

Start building your own proprietary searchable database and provide for economical Fast Turnaround Analysis today!

Enroll in Peak Analytical’s Gamma Program for just $995/year.
Call (303) 526-7388

Coming Soon: Our new Gamma Plus Program which will include our new DISPERSIVE RAMAN MICROSCOPE service.

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