Peak Analytical, Inc.

failure analysis, investigative engineering, and a range of problem solving services

Peak Analytical Inc


To date, we have been meeting and exceeding the reliability needs of numerous clients throughout the country. As markets continue to teem with fierce competition, reliability is fast becoming an all-encompassing requirement for the success of a product. This is where Peak Analytical, Inc. comes in.

We are proud of the fact that we have serviced a wide range of industries with diverse needs. Our high customer retention rates indicated that we deliver real results with high quality. Markets which have benefited from our services include, among others:

  • Storage Media (Disk, Tape Drives)
  • Microelectronics (Chip Manufacturers)
  • Device Manufacturers (Other Components, Circuit Boards, Fiber Optics, Mechanical Devices)
  • Biotechnology (Instruments, Polymers) Industries
  • Environmental (Gas Analysis, Combustion, Solvent Abatement, Portland Cement Kiln)
  • Water Quality (Identification of non-soluble particulate)
  • Manufacturers of molded components (Injection Molded)
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Chemical Companies
  • Corporate Image

Our expertise is extensive. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Microscopic FTIR of contaminants
  • Library searching of largest commercial spectral database
  • Analysis of surfaces from contamination, corrosion, oxidation
  • Identification of organic compounds and polymeric materials
  • Qualitative and Quantitative at site gas stream analysis of organic and inorganic compounds at low part/million levels using EPA Methodology (Method 318, 320, and 321)

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