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Peak Analytical, Inc. offers extensive problem solving services, including failure analysis and investigative engineering. We provide expert chemical analysis to achieve quality and reliability throughout your product and service line.

Peak Analytical, Inc. has an extensive knowledge base of product and service development information. Since our inception, we have been highly successful in solving problems in myriad forms. While solving the challenges you face, our goal is to ultimately improve your output to your end users.

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Non-Destructive Evaluation »

Peak Analytical, Inc. utilizes Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) to provide accurate information on the failure site, failure mechanism, and root cause of failure without causing any damage to the product or obscuring or removing valuable information.

Fourier Transform Infrared »

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy is an analytical technique used to identify organic (and in some cases inorganic) materials, which measures the absorption of various infrared light wavelengths by a particular material. The spectra are used to identify the material.

Dispersive Raman Microspectroscopy »

When incident light strikes a sample, most of the photons are scattered at the same wavelength as that of the incident radiation (elastic scattering). A small fraction of the light is scattered at different wavelengths than that of the incident light (inelastic scattering).

Raman Characterization of Biochar Bonding »

The names “charcoal” and “biochar” cover a multitude of “charcoal” compositions made at temperatures from 300-1000ºC for various purposes such as cooking, heating, power, and now agricultural soil enhancement and carbon sequestration. Many groups are investigating soil enhancement with uncharacterized charcoal and others are manufacturing charcoal, again mostly uncharacterized.

Gas Chromatography »

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry: Peak Analytical, Inc. has access to GC/MS facilities for organic analysis. GC/MS allows us to break complex organic compound mixtures into their constituents and detect trace amounts of contaminants.

Gas Chromatography FTIR »

Gas Chromatography/Fourier Transform Infrared (GC/FTIR): GC/FTIR utilizes a flow cell which is in the light path of the FTIR spectrometer to analyze intact molecular analytes as they elute off of the GC column.

Gamma Program »

Our Gamma Program is designed to help you prevent downtime and, in the event of a breakdown, mitigate your downtime losses with Fast Turnaround Analysis (less than 48 hours from receipt of sample) at affordable rates. Enroll in Peak Analytical’s Gamma Program today!

Pyrolysis of Printed Wire Boards followed by gas analysis using FTIR spectroscopy »

The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) has imposed guidelines on the disposal of many forms of consumer electronics. Efforts are being made to determine how to recycle devices containing a heterogeneous mix of metallic, mineral, organic and inorganic materials. One of the primary concerns is the disposal of printed wire boards (PWB) because many of the compounds in a populated board are toxic.